Class LM_TextList

Parent class: LM_BaseWidget

Version added: before 9.5
The LM_TextList class provides a scrollable list of text items. To create a new text list, you would use the LM.GUI.TextList method.


Name Returns Description Ver
AddItem void Adds a new text item to the end of the list < 9.5
AddItemAlphabetically void Inserts a new item into the list alphabetically. < 9.5
CountItems int32 Returns the number of entries in the list < 9.5
GetItem char Returns the string value of an item in the list < 9.5
RemoveItem void Removes an item from the list < 9.5
SelItem int32 Returns the id number of the currently selected item (starting with 0 for the first item) < 9.5
SelItemLabel char Returns the text string associated with the currently selected item < 9.5
SetItemLabel void Changes the text string associated with an entry in the list < 9.5
SetSelItem bool Selects an item that matches the supplied string < 9.5
SetSelItem void Selects an item in the list < 9.5