M_Shape:GetEdge(edgeID, curveID, segID)

Version added: before 9.5

Returns information about a specific edge

ArgumentTypeDescriptionDefaultVersion added
edgeIDint32The id number of the edge (0 for the first edge in a shape)before 9.5
curveIDint32Curve idbefore 9.5
segIDint32Which segment of the curve is this edgebefore 9.5

Return type : Returns two int32 values: curveID, segID

Returns information about a specific edge. Given an edge on the shape, this function returns the curve id and segment id of the actual curve in the underlying mesh.

It requires the input arguments to be defined and initialised before the call: e.g.

local curveID, segID = -1, -1       -- any value will do
curveID, segID = M_Shape:GetEdge(edgeID, curveID, segID)