Module LM

LM is the lowest-level module, and includes very basic objects like vectors and colors.


Name Returns Description Ver
Beep void Causes to computer to beep < 9.5
Clamp real Clamps a value to ensure that it is within certain bounds < 9.5
Lerp real This function is a shortcut for linear interpolation between two numbers < 9.5
Round int32 Returns the closest integer to the supplied value < 9.5
Slerp real This function is a shortcut for smooth interpolation between two numbers < 9.5
Snooze void Causes Anime Studio to pause for the specified number of milliseconds < 9.5



Name Description Ver
FREE_AXIS Arbitrary free axis < 9.5
NEGX_AXIS Negative X axis < 9.5
NEGY_AXIS Negative Y axis < 9.5
NEGZ_AXIS Negative Z axis < 9.5
X_AXIS Positive X axis < 9.5
Y_AXIS Positive Y axis < 9.5
Z_AXIS Positive Z axis < 9.5