Module LM.GUI

LM.GUI is a user interface module that is built on top of Anime Studio's cross-platform user interface library. Scripts can use the user interface widgets in this module to build dialog boxes, and to set up custom interfaces for toolbar buttons.


Name Returns Description Version added
Alert int Presents the user with an alert box before 9.5
AngleWidget LM_AngleWidget Creates a new LM_AngleWidget object before 9.5
Button LM_Button Creates a new LM_Button object before 9.5
CheckBox LM_CheckBox Creates a new LM_CheckBox object before 9.5
ColorSwatch LM_ColorSwatch Creates a new LM_ColorSwatch object before 9.5
Cursor LM_Cursor before 9.5
Divider LM_Divider Creates a new LM_Divider object before 9.5
DynamicText LM_DynamicText Creates a new LM_DynamicText object before 9.5
ImageButton LM_Button before 9.5
ImagePopupMenu LM_PopupMenu Added in version 11.1 11.1
ImageTextList LM_ImageTextList Creates a new LM_ImageTextList object 12.2
Menu LM_Menu Creates a new LM_Menu object before 9.5
OpenFile char Prompts the user to select a file to open before 9.5
PopupDialog LM_PopupDialog Creates a new LM_PopupDialog object before 9.5
PopupMenu LM_PopupMenu Creates a new LM_PopupMenu object before 9.5
RadioButton LM_RadioButton Creates a new LM_RadioButton object before 9.5
SaveFile char Prompts the user to select a file to save before 9.5
ScrollBar LM_ScrollBar Creates a new LM_ScrollBar object before 9.5
SelectFolder char Added in version 11 11.0
ShortColorSwatch LM_ColorSwatch Added in version 10 10.0
SimpleDialog LM_SimpleDialog Creates a new LM_SimpleDialog object before 9.5
Slider LM_Slider Creates a new LM_Slider object before 9.5
StaticText LM_StaticText Creates a new LM_StaticText object before 9.5
TextControl LM_TextControl Creates a new LM_TextControl object before 9.5
TextList LM_TextList Creates a new LM_TextList object before 9.5


Alert boxes

Name Description Version added
ALERT_INFO This type of alert is used to give the user non-critical information. before 9.5
ALERT_QUESTION This type of alert is used to as the user a question. before 9.5
ALERT_WARNING This type of alert is used to warn the user (perhaps that they are about to perform some action that cannot be undone). before 9.5

Control alignment

Name Description Version added
ALIGN_BOTTOM Align control on the bottom side of its container before 9.5
ALIGN_CENTER Align control in the center of its container before 9.5
ALIGN_FILL Resize control to fill its container before 9.5
ALIGN_LEFT Align control on the left side of its container before 9.5
ALIGN_RIGHT Align control on the right side of its container before 9.5
ALIGN_TOP Align control on the top side of its container before 9.5

Dialog messages

Name Description Version added
MSG_CANCEL The user clicked Cancel or pressed escape before 9.5
MSG_OK The user clicked OK or pressed enter before 9.5


Name Description Version added
FOLLOW_BOTTOM before 9.5
FOLLOW_LEFT before 9.5
FOLLOW_RIGHT before 9.5
FOLLOW_TOP before 9.5

Key codes

Name Description Version added
KEY_BACKSPACE The Backspace key before 9.5
KEY_BIND Added in version 11 11.0
KEY_DELETE The Delete key before 9.5
KEY_DESELECT Added in version 11 11.0
KEY_DOWN The down arrow key before 9.5
KEY_END The End key before 9.5
KEY_ESCAPE The Escape key before 9.5
KEY_F1 The F1 key before 9.5
KEY_F10 The F10 key before 9.5
KEY_F11 The F11 key before 9.5
KEY_F12 The F12 key before 9.5
KEY_F2 The F2 key before 9.5
KEY_F3 The F3 key before 9.5
KEY_F4 The F4 key before 9.5
KEY_F5 The F5 key before 9.5
KEY_F6 The F6 key before 9.5
KEY_F7 The F7 key before 9.5
KEY_F8 The F8 key before 9.5
KEY_F9 The F9 key before 9.5
KEY_HOME The Home key before 9.5
KEY_LEFT The left arrow key before 9.5
KEY_PAGEDOWN The Page Down key before 9.5
KEY_PAGEUP The Page Up key before 9.5
KEY_RETURN The Return or Enter key before 9.5
KEY_RIGHT The right arrow key before 9.5
KEY_TAB The Tab key before 9.5
KEY_UP The up arrow key before 9.5

Layout padding

Name Description Version added
DEFAULT_INDENT The default amount of indentation before 9.5
DEFAULT_PADDING The default amount of padding before 9.5

Text controls

Name Description Version added
FIELD_FLOAT A text control that only accepts floating-point input before 9.5
FIELD_INT A text control that only accepts integer input before 9.5
FIELD_NODIGITS A text control that does not accept any numerical input before 9.5
FIELD_TEXT A regular text control before 9.5
FIELD_UFLOAT A text control that only accepts non-negative floating-point input before 9.5
FIELD_UINT A text control that only accepts non-negative integer input before 9.5

View mode

Name Description Version added
VIEW_MODE_PIXEL Added in version 10 10.0
VIEW_MODE_VECTOR Added in version 10 10.0