Class LM_MeshPreview

Parent class: LM_View

Version added: before 9.5
The LM_MeshPreview class is a user interface class that is used in a dialog to preview what a vector mesh will look like. This can be used by a script that generates 2D vector shapes, giving the user a chance to see the result before it is inserted into the Moho document. You can create an LM_MeshPreview object using the following function:

Methods of LM_MeshPreview:

Name Returns Description Ver
AutoZoom void Automatically zooms in on the mesh so that it fills the preview region < 9.5
CreateShape bool Creates a shape out of the selected points in the mesh < 9.5
Mesh M_Mesh Returns the M_Mesh object associated with the preview object < 9.5
Refresh void Forces the preview region to re-draw itself < 9.5

Methods inherited from LM_View:

Name Returns Description Ver
Enable void Enables or disables a view object < 9.5
Height int32 Added in version 11 11
IsEnabled bool Tells whether the view is currently enabled < 9.5
IsMouseDragging bool Added in version 11 11
SetCursor void Change the cursor < 9.5
SetToolTip void Added in version 12 12
Width int32 Added in version 11 11