Class M_Skeleton

Version added: before 9.5
The M_Skeleton class represents the actual skeleton structure that is encapsulated by a bone layer.

Methods of M_Skeleton:

Name Returns Description Ver
AddBone M_Bone Create a new bone and add it to the skeleton < 9.5
AddGroup M_BoneGroup 13.5.2
Bone M_Bone Access a particular bone in the skeleton < 9.5
BoneByName M_Bone < 9.5
BoneID int32 Given a bone object, this function returns the identifier value for that bone in the skeleton < 9.5
CountBoneChildren int32 Returns the number of child bones attached to the given bone < 9.5
CountBones int32 Returns the number of bones in the skeleton < 9.5
CountGroups int32 13.5.2
CountVisibleBones int32 Added in version 10 10
DeleteBone void Delete a bone from the skeleton < 9.5
DeleteGroup void 13.5.2
DeleteGroupByID void 13.5.2
FirstSelectedGroup M_BoneGroup 13.5.2
FlipBone void Flips the given bone at frame zero (and all the following animation angles and positions of it and its children). Added in version 11. 11
GetFirstChildBone int32 Return the first child of the given bone < 9.5
Group M_BoneGroup 13.5.2
GroupForBone M_BoneGroup 13.5.2
IKAngleSolver void Runs the inverse kinematics solver in order to move a chain of bones to reach a specified target point < 9.5
IsAncestorSelected bool < 9.5
IsBoneActiveInAGroup bool 13.5.2
IsBoneATarget bool Added in version 10 10
IsBoneChild bool Test whether one bone is a decendant of another < 9.5
IsBoneIKChild bool Added in version 12 12
IsBoneInAGroup bool 13.5.2
IsBoneParent bool Test whether one bone is an ancestor of another < 9.5
LockBone void Locks the given bone at a specified time < 9.5
MakeBoneNameUnique void Added in version 12 12
MarkGroupVisibilityUnknown void 13.5.2
NearestBone int32 Returns the closest bone to a 2D vector position < 9.5
SelectAll void < 9.5
SelectConnected void < 9.5
SelectedBoneID int32 Returns the identifier of the currently selected bone < 9.5
SelectInverse void < 9.5
SelectNone void < 9.5
TargetOfBone int32 Added in version 10 10
TargetOfBoneChain int32 Added in version 10 10
UnlockBone void Unlocks the given bone at a specified time < 9.5
UpdateBoneMatrix void Updates the transformation matrices for the given bone < 9.5

Properties of M_Skeleton:

Name Type Description Ver
fBindingMode int32 Which automatic binding mode should be used for this skeleton. See the binding mode constants. < 9.5