Class Rect

Version added: before 9.5
If necessary, instances of this class can be created by:

- Local variable:
local rect = LM.Rect:new_local()

- Global (see Script Structure about conventions for naming globals):
XX_rect = LM.Rect:new()

Methods of Rect:

Name Returns Description Ver
Contains bool Tests whether the rectangle contains the given point < 9.5
Normalize void This function "normalizes" a rectangle to ensure that the left value is smaller than the right, and the top value is smaller than the bottom < 9.5
Set void Added in version 9.5 9.5

Properties of Rect:

Name Type Description Ver
bottom int32 The bottom-most pixel in the rectangle. < 9.5
left int32 The left-most pixel in the rectangle. < 9.5
int32 The right-most pixel in the rectangle. < 9.5
top int32 The top-most pixel in the rectangle. < 9.5