Version added: 11

Added in version 11 - use this and not MetaData

Return type: LM_Message

example use cases are below.

Note that it is good practice to identify data items by the script that creates them. Consider the keys to be Globals and prefix them with a unique identifier MyScriptID -- e.g. for the hayasidist utility function the prefix might be HS_Utility_ and keys named such as HS_Utility_Int Value.
local ScriptInfo = moho.layer:ScriptData()

ScriptInfo:Set("MyScriptID_Int Value", 42)
ScriptInfo:Set("MyScriptID_Bool Value", true)
ScriptInfo:Set("MyScriptID_StringName", "This is a saved string.")

local v = LM.Vector2:new_local()
v:Set(5.6, 7.8)
ScriptInfo:Set("MyScriptID_Saved Vector2", v)

local v = LM.Vector3:new_local()
v:Set(3.4, 5.6, 7.8)
ScriptInfo:Set("MyScriptID_Saved Vector3", v)

if (ScriptInfo:HasKey("MyScriptID_Saved Vector3")) then
local v = ScriptInfo:GetVector3("MyScriptID_Saved Vector3")
print(v.x, v.y, v.z)

print("Layer Script Data")
for i = 0, ScriptInfo:CountKeys() - 1 do
local keyName = ScriptInfo:GetKeyName(i)
print(keyName, ScriptInfo:GetString(keyName))

String "ScriptData" is found in the following scripts:

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