Version added: before 9.5

Moves the layer start time

timingOffsetint32number of frames between the layer's frame zero and timeline frame zero (signed integer)< 9.5

Return type: none

The sequencer in the UI allows a user to drag a layer so that it starts at some frame other than timeline frame 0. This method is used to shift the layer start frame programmatically.

The timingOffset is the number that, when added to the layer start frame, produces zero. That is: a negative offset moves the layer start time LATER in the timeline (e.g. a timingOffset of -25 means the layer's "frame 0" is timeline frame 25)

see also MohoLayer:TimingOffset and MohoLayer:TotalTimingOffset
String "SetTimingOffset" is found in the following scripts:

Wave Inbetweener (by A.Evseeva)

SS - Layer Sequencer (by simplsam)

Layer Copies (by Stan)

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